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100 Mile Challenge!

During the month of March, we have set all Future Pathways students a challenge.

The challenge is that as a group we collectively all accumulate over 100miles of cardiovascular exercise and raise some money for charity during the process!

Any cardiovascular exercise that we do with our students, such as: E-Biking, using the exercise machines at SNAP Fitness or even just a walk will be logged.

Our chosen charity is the fantastic "IF U CARE SHARE". This is a charity based within the North East that saves lives, supports communities and prevents suicide. Our target is to raise £100 collectively and we hope you can help us reach this target and make a difference with all involved being positively impacted through a small donation.

Staff will be encouraging all students to take part within this 100-mile challenge as well as explaining the health benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle, and the impact this has on feeling good.

Please clink the link below to make a donation:

Let's go Future Pathways!!


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