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J began provision with Future Pathways as he was entering year 8 at a mainstream secondary school.

When beginning provision, J had 0% attendance at his mainstream school and struggled to engage within classroom based sessions. When beginning at Future Pathways, J was attending provision for three days per week and within time built positive relationships with staff at Future Pathways and engaged in a variety of activities to help build confidence and raise aspirations. Work was also completed with J's family to help begin to build positive relationships with other professionals who could offer J support to re-engage back into mainstream education.  
After a period of time working alongside Future Pathways, J was supported by staff to complete a transition back into mainstream education when moving into year 10, which he was successful within.

This allowed J a varied timetable of: education within school, Future Pathways and another Alternative Provision setting. During this time, as J became more confident within his ability, he made the decision once he left school he would like to go into the British Army. Staff supported J with this and kept this at the forefront of his mind throughout the end of his provision. Since J has left provision, he has kept regular contact with his key worker.

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